How to convert cold leads into sales

Beyond the 3% Who Are Ready to Buy

As you’ve developed your business, you’ve probably fallen into one bad habit that affects most in your position: Focusing on clients who are ready to buy your service. 

This seems like the common-sense approach since it leads to immediate transactions and short-term rewards. However, those ready-to-buy clients only make up a measly 3% of your overall audience. 97% of your audience either doesn’t know it needs your service or hasn’t developed a reason to trust you over the competition. In other words, they’re on the fence. 

Regardless of what your business offers, a large portion of your efforts should be dedicated to nurturing the 97% of potential clients who are still on the fence about your service. This will pay off in dividends later on down the road, and it’ll help promote the long-term rewards your company needs to reach the peak of success. 

Here are three tips that will help you nurture your client relationships and reel in the 97% of leads you’re currently wasting. 

Build Email Funnels

An email funnel is the easiest way to nurture clients who aren’t actively seeking your services. It allows you to blast out mass emails to every lead you have without the need for resources or a lot of time. However, building one can be difficult.  We encourage you to make this one of your top priorities, as it will be used for the following tips, too. 

The fastest and easiest way to grow your email funnel is to create a sign-up notice on your company site. This ensures that visitors checking out your business are allowed to add themselves to your email list, and that helps narrow your list down to those who are likely to require your services. 

We recommend offering something of value with your sign-up notice, such as a small discount, access to free content, or even just the promise of faster service-related updates. 

Once you’ve built your email funnel, make sure your efforts are appropriate. An annoyingly frequent email blast or irrelevant content will make your funnel shrink quickly from unsubscribers. 

Provide Valuable Content to Those Unready to Buy

Not everyone in your email funnel or visiting your website will need to buy your service right away, and many of them probably haven’t bought your product or service yet. You have to cater to them as well as your current buyers. 

Send out email blasts that provide general information about the field you work in. Provide tips and tricks for maximizing the effect of your service. Anything that adds value without pushing your service will help convert those on the fence to active buyers. 

Develop Authority with Free Informative Content

Clients tend to heavily research a service or product before committing to a purchase. One way to convert those researchers into buyers is to provide the information they’re looking for without directly pushing what you have to offer. 

This can be done through the creation of an informative blog on your company website. By hiring a copywriter, or using in-house staff, to create compelling and educational content relevant to what your business offers, you can meet the needs of those researching your service conveniently from your website. Many clients will see you as an authority on the subject and seek out your services.

As a bonus, you can send out the links to new blog posts through your email funnel to provide value to those who have already signed onto your email list. 

Get Started Today

The tips listed above take time to implement effectively, and there are no shortcuts to take. So, take the time to get started with these simple digital solutions now. In time, you’ll notice your on-the-fence clients quickly transitioning into active buyers, and you’ll no longer be limited to the 3% of clients who are already willing to buy.